14 August wishes, Pakistan Independence day greetings 2019

Here you will get 14 August wishes. 14 August is Pakistan Independence day, On that day Pakistan became an Independent Muslim Country. Pakistan Independence Day is celebrated annually on the 14th of August. It is also a National holiday on 14 August in Pakistan. That day commemorates the day when Pakistan achieved independence and was declared an Independent Nation following the End of British Raj in 1947. This Muslim Nation (Pakistan) came into existence as a result of the Pakistan Movement, The Movement was led by the All India Muslim League.
All India Muslim League was led under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The event was brought forth by the Indian Independence Act 1947. Under this Act British Raj gave independence to Pakistan, Which comprised West Pakistan and East Pakistan. West Pakistan is Present Day Pakistan and East Pakistan now becomes Bangladesh. The Independence Day of Pakistan according to Islamic calendar was held on 27 Ramadan, Which is the Day of Lailatul Qadar. It is also a religious Day.

14 August wishes:

  • Proud to be a Muslim, Proud to be a Pakistani. Happy Independence Day.
  • May this Great Nation Pakistan remain the Land of free. And Always be a Brave and Great Islamic Nation. Happy Independence Day.
  • It's Pakistan who taught the real meaning of Freedom to the whole World. Before 14 August 1947 World Never Know the meaning of Freedom. BE proud to be a Pakistani, Be Proud to be a part of this Great Muslim Nation. Happy Independence Day.
  • The Great Nation, The Great Country. Always feel Proud to say Meri Jaan Pakistan. I love Pakistan. Happy Independence Day.
  • This is the time to make unity, Follow our Religion, This is our Great Country. Let�s make it a Great Islamic Nation. Let�s make it one Unit Pakistan. Happy Independence Day.
  • Today we come together, Be the cause for the Unity. Wave the Flag of Our Great Nation with Pride. Happy Independence Day.
  • Some like Funday, Some like Sunday, But I like Just One Day. Because it is my Independence Day. Happy Independence Day.
  • Other Might have forgotten but never can I, The flag of our country winds up very high. Happy Independence Day.
  • Happy Independence Day because Independence Day is a good time to examine, Who we are and how we got here.
  • Khuda Kary ke Meri Arz E Pak per Utray wo Fasl E Gul Jisay Andesha E Zawal Na ho, Jahan Jo Phool Philly, Khila Rahay Stadion Yahan Khizaan ko Guzarnay ki Bi Majal Na ho. Happy Independence Day.

Independence Day Quotes:

  • May The Flag of My Great Nation Pakistan will always fly very High. Say Aameen. Happy Independence Day.
  • Freedom in the mind, Faith in our words, Pride in our Souls, Let�s Salute our Nation on 71th Independence Day of Pakistan.
  • We are Pakistani our life is full of colors, May this Independence Day add more in your Life� Happy Independence Day.
  • Lahoo ka behna to taqdeer he hamari, Tu Dill par Pathar Rakh Or Mubarakbad deta Ja,,..�
    Happy Independence Day.
  • Hum Bolein Muhabat ki Zuban, Hum Bolein Azadi ki Zuban. Happy Independence Day. Pakistan Zindabad.
  • Shaheedon ki zameen hy ye jisse Pakistan Kehty hen, Ye banjar ho kar bhi Buzdil Peda nahi Karti. Happy 14 August. Happy independence Day.
  • |=–.._..-=-._.
    |    !        (* ;
    JAshN E Aazadi Mubarak�.
    HAppy Independence Day.
  • Thousands Sacrifice there lives. So, That our Country This Day. We have to remember there Sacrifice and make our Nation Bright. Happy Independence Day.
  • Utha kar Talvar Jad Ghode par Sawar Hote,
    Bandh ke saafa jab Tayaar Hote,
    Dekhti He Duniya Chat Par Chadh kar,
    Kehte Hen Kaash Hum bhi Ese Hoshiyaar Hote.
    Happy Independence Day

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